Critical Need to Maintain Cancer Treatment Services to our Patients

In response to recent actions regarding the delay of elective surgical procedures amid the unprecedented demands that COVID-19 is putting on our medical system,

The experienced doctors at Innovative Cancer Institute feel compelled to issue the following clarifications:

Radiation Therapy treatment procedures for cancer patients should NOT BE DELAYED under any circumstances for patients not displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Radiation Therapy can be applied to patients without compromising the immune system because of its highly localized nature. Technological developments have allowed improvements in radiotherapy delivery, with higher precision and better sparing of normal tissue.
  • While it is true that some elderly cancer patients may be immune compromised and more susceptible to this virus, does not merit a delay in treatment.
  • If your patients are not showing symptoms, we recommend that cancer patients continue their Radiation Therapy Treatments as scheduled.
  • Our offices remain open and the patients will be safe at the Innovative Cancer Institute.
    We are taking every precaution necessary to screen patients and minimize the risk of viral infection.
  • We offer telehealth as an option for consultations and follow ups as well.
  • We will try to accelerate treatments when indicated and safe to the patient or delays treatment when necessary, based on a case by case basis.
  • Our team will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the oncologic related questions and it is recommended that patients speak with their physicians regarding the plan of treatment.

Please call us today if you have any questions or hesitations about your treatment schedule.