Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy, sometimes called Radiotherapy, is a type of cancer treatment that uses high doses of radiation in order to shrink or eliminate cancer inside the body. Radiation therapy can be internal or external beam.

The term “radiation therapy” mostly refers to external beam, but at the Innovative Cancer Institute we offer both types, and which is right for you varies from patient to patient. That’s why we take a customized approach to make sure your treatment is specific to you.

Why Radiation:

Our approach is to deliver high precision, image-guided Radiation Therapy that allows us to protect adjacent organs, while eliminating the cancer without surgery.

Radiation therapy is just as good at eliminating cancer as traditional treatments like chemo and surgery but have many unique benefits

  • It’s much faster and incredibly more convenient when compared to surgeries
  • It’s completely safe as the radiation is highly targeted, no other organs or tissue are ever at risk
  • The cosmetic results are excellent
  • Often better at minimizing chances of recurrence
Benefits of Radiation Therapy

 Radiation Therapy Technology

At the Innovative Cancer Institute we set the trend for the latest technology available in the radiation therapy field.

When ICI opened doors in 2008, we were the first with the new Varian Trilogy System in FL to offer RapidArc for Radiation Therapy

In 2014 We installed a Varian EDGE system, only the second one in all of the US, and
first in FL, allowing for more specialized Radiosurgery treatments


Radiosurgery, a type of radiation therapy, is a very precise procedure utilizing targeted radiation in large doses to destroy tumors. It is a noninvasive and very effective alternative to surgery or conventional radiation therapy for treating tumors and other medical conditions.

Edge® radiosurgery system represents an evolution in the way advanced radiosurgery is delivered. The Edge radiosurgery system provides a turn-key solution for delivering full-body radiosurgery treatments with accuracy.

Edge offers advanced tools designed to deliver highly conformal dose distributions to tumors of the lung, brain, spine, and other areas of the body where radiation is indicated. The ability to accurately deliver targeted treatments and manage tumor motion is driving growth in radiosurgery.

One of the key aspects of radiosurgery is precision and accuracy.

Edge radiosurgery tracks the patient’s tumor in real time for intracranial and extracranial treatments, precisely calculates patient movement in all six degrees of freedom, and monitors respiratory motion.

By integrating the highest dose rate (2400 MU/ minute) with non-ionizing, direct and real-time guidance for target location, Edge offers surgeons and clinicians the ability to pinpoint the target and deliver highly focused treatments, in fewer sessions and at a noticeably fast rate while minimizing the dose received by surrounding healthy tissues.

And in late 2018, we were the first in Florida to to have the new Varian Halcyon 2.0

Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment that uses high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells and stop them from spreading. It is highly effective and completely safe. In fact 60% of cancer patients receive radiation therapy as part of their care, either alone or combined with other therapies.

Halcyon allows for transformative radiotherapy treatment, with an advanced system that elevates the way we are able to treat patients and enables access to highest quality care.

Its advanced design is optimized to deliver quality cancer therapies for every appropriate patient that maximizes our customization for each individual.

Halcyon is engineered ergonomically to be intuitive, friendly, and comfortable for clinical staff and patients alike.

At the end of the day our goal is to provide the highest level of care for every patient, and Halcyon and our other radiation therapy technology allows us to do that.