Though a cancer diagnosis can be difficult for a family to hear, Dr. Beatriz Amendola and her skilled team at Innovative Cancer Institute wants her patients to know they are here for them. Since founding Innovative Cancer Institute in 2008, Amendola has given patients and their families the highest level of personalized care and cutting-edge technology that has made ICI one of the region’s finest facilities. As a leader in radiosurgery, a highly specialized branch of radiation oncology that delivers high doses of radiation to eradicate tumors without using open surgery, Amendola opened the Innovative Cancer Institute to give patients effective, individualized cancer treatment in a sophisticated facility. Gone is the concept of a “one-size-fits- all” approach. Instead, the staff personalizes each experience and treatment for the individual. “At ICI, our entire team is dedicated to the patient and their families,” says Amendola, whose team is available to patients 24/7. The concierge-like care has allowed the team to treat more than 500 patients with the EdgeTM Radiosurgery system during the past two years with

excellent results. Innovation is a norm at ICI. In 2014, it was the second center in the nation to install the non-invasive EdgeTM unit, becoming the first outpatient facility in the United States to have this advanced technology available. And in November of 2018 it became the only center in Florida to house the new Varian Halcyon system.